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Get Moving. Work Differently.
Introducing innovative seating built for movement.
Active. Dynamic. Ergonomic.

Alternately sitting and standing. Always on the move. That is the secret of the "muvman". Thanks to the patented flexzone® technology the "muvman" gives you support whenever you need it. And freedom of movement when you want it. That is comfortable. That is healthy. That is sitting as it ought to be.
Leaning towards the perfect posture.
The "muvman" is tilted forward. This means you can always be at an optimum distance to your working surface regardless of your height and physique.Find your equilibrium.An intelligent seat that gives you proper support without causing pressure points. With lots of practical details such as the grip for easy carrying of the seat. Not to mention the design that has won national and international awards. The  of ergonomics.
Enormous height adjustment range
Enormous height adjustment range
You can quickly and easily adjust your sitting height to anywhere between 20" and 33". The HIGH version even gives you a range of between 23" and 36"!
Sitting advantages like no other:
  • 4° forward tilt of the spring strut: 
    This means that you always sit at an optimum distance to your working surface - regardless of your height and physique. The "muvman" prevents you from hunching your back as easily happens when sitting high.
  •  Comfortable, super soft seat: 
    No congestion of the  circulation thanks to a flexible, adaptable seat edge. 
  • Movement comes from the joint in the baseplate: 
    This keeps your hips free and flexible and your leg muscles active. This improves the transport of blood back from the legs to the heart.
  • Stable baseplate: 
    The non-slip, non-scratch rubber rim gives you firm support.
  • Practical grip:
    For  carrying of the "muvman" wherever you want to go.

  EXPERIENCE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL MOVEMENT! Color-coordinated ultrasuede seat cover and matching color springs: orange, blue and red. (Gray and black ship with standard Anthracite colored spring) 

Swopper classic edition ships standard with Anthracite base (charcoal gray). Not available with casters.

THE MOST INNOVATIVE CHAIR IN THE WORLD- 3Dee Active-Office-Chair. The 3Dee Active-Office-Chair is the first of its kind, and the result of absolute consistency – in engineering just as in design. Its 3D movement – horizontal, vertical and forward tilt – is designed to deliver more well being, more energy, more balance, but most of all more motion. Its attractive design will please all those for whom the office is not just a workplace, but also a creative living space.


Contemporary, functional design that will move your mind, body & spirit. The oyo® is not only stylish, but also versatile. In the conference room, collaborative office spaces, libraries, higher education or at home – the oyo® adds style & motion through its timeless & dynamic design. oyo® is highly functional, technologically advanced & ergonomic. The oyo® is the world’s first combination of a saddle seat, shell chair & rocking chair. A completely new way of sitting which invites you to move more & assume various sitting positions. oyo® is new, daring & unique. It attracts attention & it’s immediately obvious that this chair is a statement which moves gracefully between retro & modern & that it has what it takes to be a design classic: oyo® – The Chair.

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